Mac developers complain there are insufficient packages and cost upgrades in the app store

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Although it has its own app store, it is not as popular as the IOS app store.Mac users can install applications from third parties.Some developers have faith in the app store, but Apple’s platform is disappointing.kaleidoscope app developers wrote a letter complaining about insufficient upgrade of software packages and fee based apps in the app store.

Comic box is a popular MacOS program that provides advanced tools for comparing files.The application was recently acquired by letter opener, which is committed to releasing major updates to the kaleidoscope to make the application more modern and better.

The original support for the new interface, dark mode and m1mac was released last October.The team decided to pay for the upgrade in order to keep the application up to date.The company’s website is easy to use, but using the store version of the comic box makes it difficult for developers.


The app store doesn’t support paid app upgrades.It is common when a new version of the software is released.Although developers can publish updates as new applications, no one with the old version can set a discount price for the current user, so they must buy the new version at the full price.

kaleidoscope developers pointed out that application packages could be a solution to the problem.The feature allows developers to provide more than two application packages at discounted prices.The price will be lower if there is an application in the package.

The disadvantages of the arrangement outweigh the benefits, but it was too late.The package pricing discount will no longer be valid if a user changes their country.Developers have limited pricing options when creating app store packages, so they can’t accurately choose how much to charge customers.


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